To ensure your customers enjoy shopping at your site and return back to purchase more, it is crucial to provide them comfort and ease of processing. Thanks to various plug-ins, it is now easy and affordable to manage a WordPress e-commerce site in a way that the customers feel at ease while shopping their favorite items online. Such plugins, not only make the processes easier and less-cumbersome but also enhance the look and feel of your website. It also provides a number of comfort options that is imperative to offer so as to retain the customer.

One such highly customer-friendly and website enriching plugins are WooCommerce Checkout Location. The plugin makes it easy for customers to provide their delivery address while checking out of the website. A number of addresses are mentioned in the drop-down list from which a customer can choose the desired location. Each location has an email attached to it and an extra email is sent to the particular location store to streamline the order and delivery process.

What does it do?

It is one of the most helpful plugins that webmasters require to make their e-commerce order and delivery process simple and efficient. The website admin has to set location and associated website with it. When a customer picks a location, an additional order email is sent to the email id of the location store and a separate order email is sent as per the standard functioning of the website.

Setting the locations and email IDs:

The webmaster or the owner of the e-commerce website works as admin of the plugin. The admin is responsible for setting the location and the connected email addresses. The location set in the list by the WooCommerce admin can be an address, zip number, a city, country, or department. You can choose any location in addition to the ones mentioned here. The location is that place where you wish to send the order email.

To make it more customized, the webmaster gets an option to set the order page according to business-specific needs. If you want your customer to read an additional message before picking the order, admin can input any text or HTML.

Step-By-Step functioning of WooCommerce Checkout Location:

The complete process includes:

Step 1: The customer has to pick a location from the drop-down list available on the website (webmaster has to set this list)

Step 2:  As soon as the location is set, the system picks the attached email to it and processes the order to the confirmation page.

Step 3: Upon confirmation, the plugin sends an additional mail to the store email address (the one attached to the location). A separate order email is sent separately as per the normal order and delivery functions of the website.

Webadmin can any time edit, delete or add any location on the website. It can also alter the display text on the checkout page as and when needed. The plugin also allows to choose the function when the order email needs to be sent such as for processing the order, on-hold, canceled, refunded, failed, completed or more.